New poems in Black Fork Review and Sugar House Review

I’m ending the year with a couple of exciting new poetry publications. I have two poems in the 10th anniversary issue of Sugar House Review, and you can find “Terms of Agreement” here, with audio. It’s such a gorgeous and robust print issue, and as someone who often buries her nose in a journal or book, I can say that it also smells divine. Such excellent company in this issue, too.

I am also excited to share two new poems in Black Fork Review, out of Ashland, Ohio. Many thanks to the editors for including these poems.

Finally, I’m counting down to a reading at Literati Bookstore with Matthew Thorburn next month in Ann Arbor, where the two of us were creative writing classmates in undergrad. What a joy to be returning to read from our newest books!

Happiest holiday and New Year wishes to all!

Update in the thick of July


I’m not a numbers person, so when I looked at my “Summer 2018” poetry word document and saw that I’d written, apparently, over fifty pages of new poems since the beginning of June, I figured it was some kind of mistake.

I always use a calculator when figuring final grades or balancing my checkbook. Sometimes when I read text with a lot of numbers I find my eye doing the same thing it did when I was a student in classes involving statistics (skipping over the numbers like they are bread crust and I’m a picky kid).

However, it’s Monday morning, somewhat cloudy, and I am adequately caffeinated and showered and realizing that wow, I have written a lot this summer, and it makes me feel good. This may be the most I’ve ever written in a summer, and it’s not over.

With the record number of Akron Poetry Prize submissions on my docket (687!) I had feared I would not have much of a writing summer. But the proof is there at the bottom left of the screen. Pages: 51 of 51. Words: 10,133.

Clearly these are not all “keepers.” And yes, I have trouble generating new work during the academic year, so this is catch-up in many ways. But I’m still rather proud.

PS: I’ve been doing #summerofprompts over on Twitter again this summer. Check it out!

July: The Month of New Poems

Perhaps this is a bit of wishful thinking. Could July be the month of new poems?

We had an amazing response to this year’s Akron Poetry Prize submission window (509 manuscripts!) which left little time for poems of one’s own. Submittable also makes it much easier to read in odd segments of time, but then the manuscripts also cross not just the UA Press transom, but end up in my dining room.

So I’m hoping to sequester myself in the poetry equivalent of this photograph for the month of July.

For me, the hardest part is getting disciplined about taking notes when ideas strike.

Note to self: notes.