Fall Back in Love with Poems: A Black Lawrence Press Workshop

I’m excited to be offering a workshop for Black Lawrence Press on Tuesday, 11/9/21. This event is free, but registration is required. Full information here! I’ll be sharing some approaches for reconnecting with poetry, and with your own work.

In this workshop we will ponder our relationship with poems in general, and with our own poems in particular, discussing strategies for approaching difficult subjects, as well as new ways to direct inspiration. We will also talk about a gentle approach to writerly goal-setting, especially as it relates to growing a series of poems into a collection. Q&A will be an important part of the conversation.

Recommended reading for the workshop:

1) “Dear Sugar, The Rumpus Advice Column #72: The Future Has an Ancient Heart” by Cheryl Strayed

2) “Twenty-Two Poem Hacks” by Carmen Giménez Smith